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  • Difference between V3 and V5 EA ?
    The new version is more secure and profitable to handling current market conditions The V5 has a drawdown controller in it. It is set to 10% default so that the drawdown never exceed above 10%. the new version is unification of more than 10 strategies such as RSI, MACD, Stochastic, EMA, Supertrend, etc. The new version opens less trades so it is compatible with all brokers.
  • Is there a demo version available of EA V5.0?
    Yes. We do provide the demo trial version of our EA. To get the demo version you will need to contact our telegram channel admin for more information.
  • Where I can see full details of services?
    You will get full information about our services in telegram channel. To join the channel click the link on homepage.
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